“At the end of our choices, when we do business, we want our values to matter. Basically, it comes to never stray from truth, beauty, and care for people. The community is fundamental: it’s all about generosity and the idea of having a broader role than just us. “

—Peter Simons


at Simons. . . To Change People’s Lives

For the packaging and distribution of its home-made fashion items, clothing and accessories ordered online, La Maison Simons has teamed up with a reliable and flexible associate, who’s also able to meet the demand. TAQ Group is an adapted company dedicated to the socio-professional integration of people with disabilities which contributes to provide stable employment to dozens of individuals, many of whom live with physical, intellectual or psychic handicaps.

A socially rewarding business partnership that suits perfectly the shared values of TAQ Group and Simons!


a life-changing partner

TAQ Group is an adapted non-profit organization whose mission is to promote socio-professional integration of people living with functional limitations through business partnerships. TAQ Group offers a wide range of outsourcing solutions and has around 270 employees, of which 70% live with a disability. TAQ Group wants to create 130 new jobs by 2022.

Mr. Peter Simons and Susie, proudly wearing Maison Simons accessories!